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National Hispanic University Adds Bachelor Degree Concentrations and More Online Courses

National Hispanic University Adds Bachelor Degree Concentrations and More Online Courses

Photo: National Hispanic University

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The National Hispanic University (NHU) has introduced several new concentrations, each with some courses available online, in its bachelor’s degree programs in Business Administration and Liberal Studies. NHU has also updated its B.S. in Computer Information Systems program. Applications are now being accepted for the next semester starting August 29.

The B.A. in Business Administration program now offers concentrations in Human Resource Management, International Business and Marketing. The B.A. in Liberal Studies program has added concentrations in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Science and Social Issues, Spanish, and Political Science and Public Affairs.

The new concentrations include signature courses that build on NHU’s expertise in multicultural education, such as Business of the Americas in an International Economy, Hispanic Marketing in a Multicultural Context, Managing Diversity, Advanced Multicultural Relations, and Latinos and the Law.

“The new areas of study bring a wider range of alternatives for our students, aligned with the current needs for specialized knowledge in areas such as international business and computer science,” said Dr. David López, president of NHU. “These concentrations are built upon the strengths of our current curricula, particularly our multicultural and biliteral approach, as well as the expertise of our diverse faculty.”

The B.S. in Computer Information Systems program is aligned with ABET standards and designed to help students gain the theory and hands-on knowledge they need to enter or advance in careers with local businesses in Silicon Valley and beyond.

The university is also expanding its selection of online courses at the undergraduate level. Like NHU’s evening courses, the online format is designed to increase access for NHU’s student population, much of which works during the day. Select courses are offered online, allowing students to log in from home, work or the NHU library at times convenient to them. Courses utilize a combination of video, multimedia, readings and online discussions to create an engaging learning experience.