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KPMG Foundation Offering Minority Accounting Doctoral Scholarships

The KPMG Foundation Minority Accounting Doctoral Scholarships aim to further increase the completion rate among African-American, Hispanic-American and Native American doctoral students. The scholarships provide the funding for them to see their dreams come to fruition.

For the 2011-2012 academic year, the Foundation awarded $10,000 scholarships to 10 minority accounting doctoral students. Nine of these new recipients began their accounting doctoral program 2010 and three were already in programs. There are 30 doctoral students who have had their scholarships renewed for 2011-2012, bringing the total number of scholarships awarded to 40. To date, KPMG Foundation’s total commitment to the scholarship program exceeds $9 million.

Financial support often determines whether a motivated student can meet the escalating costs of higher education. For most of those students, a return to school means giving up a lucrative job. For some, acceptance in a doctoral program means an expensive relocation. Still others need enough time to study without the burden of numerous part-time jobs.

Eligibility Requirements for the 2012-2013 academic year:
In order to apply for this scholarship, you must be:
*  African-American, Hispanic-American, or Native American;
*  A U. S. citizen or a permanent resident of the United States (possess a green card);
*  Enrolled, on campus, in a full time AACSB accredited, Accounting business doctoral program by September 2012

Terms of the Scholarship
*  $10,000 annual scholarship, eligible for annual renewal - cumulative total scholarship amount not to exceed $50,000.
*  These funds are not meant to replace funds that might normally be made available by the doctoral granting institution. Therefore, The KPMG

Foundation recommends that the institution provide the following:
*  $5,000 annual stipend unrelated to assistantships
*  Teaching and research assistantships
*  Waiver of tuition and fees

To Apply
The application consists of the following items:

*  A completed copy of the Application Form click here (please print legibly or type)
*  A brief cover letter, explaining your reason for pursuing a Ph.D. in accounting
*  A copy of your most current resume
*  Copies of your undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcripts
*  Proof of your matriculation status (e.g. letter of acceptance)

Send your application package to the following address to arrive by May 1, 2012, to:

KPMG Foundation Doctoral Scholarship Program
Attention Joanne Berry
KPMG Foundation
Three Chestnut Ridge Road
Montvale, NJ 07645