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Hispanic Students in Florida Score Higher on Science Tests

Hispanic Students in Florida Score Higher on Science Tests

Photo: Hispanic Students Averaging Higher Scores

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In Florida, most students received below average scores on the national science test, yet the Hispanic students scored higher than the national average. 

On the National Assessment of Educational Progress, Florida’s eighth graders scored slightly below average yet for the Hispanic students, scoring almost 10% more than the national average. 

State Education Commissioner Eric Smith stated that this news demonstrates the state’s achievements as well as bringing attention to the challenges it still must conquer. 

“Florida has been paving a path of educational progress within our nation for many years now, and we stand well positioned to make our work in science a part of that success,” he said. 

For the past 10 years, Florida has placed an importance on science education.  Just as recently as last year, lawmakers made biology and chemistry mandatory for high school graduation

The state’s Department of Education has also accepted new academic standards “that hone in on the core science concepts,” said Smith, adding “I am confident that we are taking the right steps to make science education in our schools a national model.”