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Good Cheer

During this holiday season I wish you good cheer, a prosperous and healthy new year, and family and friends to share in your bounty.

I am someone who takes stock of where I am metaphorically speaking at the end of each year. Beginning at Thanksgiving I start to think about all the things I am grateful for. My daughters and I do this together and have since they were quite young. But I don’t stop at what I am grateful for, I also think about what I have done all year that might be on the list of those around me. Have I done something that helped or supported someone else? Is there someone who is thankful for me? Is there someone thankful for me that might not even know my name but remembers me for some kind deed I did for them?

New year’s resolutions can be overwhelming and too daunting to keep up for very long. Those traditional resolutions are nothing I am interested in, but I think there is always room for a resolution or two just a different kind. Think about the feelings we have around the holiday season, that feel of wishing everyone good cheer; can you carry that into the new year? Can you resolve to respond to anger or frustration with support or concern, at least at first, rather than respond in kind? Would a good new year’s resolution be to say hello and something personal to all the clerks (sales, parking, fee paying, city, etc.) you come in contact with each day? What would happen if you noticed someone on the street looking a bit confused? Could you resolve that you are going to be a one person good will team or ambassador for all visitors you encounter in our city? Resolve to give blood routinely or even platelets; that is something that can actually change lives.

These may seem like minor or even silly things to do but all this good cheer adds up. It may even have an effect on you – helping you to remain in good cheer long into the new year.  So again, I wish you good cheer and I hope it remains with you till the next season of good cheer.