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Fruits of our Labor

Fruits of our Labor

Photo: Fruits of our Labor

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Here is a secret. I love to iron. Now I don’t like to iron everyone in the households clothing but I really do enjoy ironing my stuff. As a young girl growing up ironing or more specifically mangling, school uniforms was my job. And honestly, I never minded it. I could do at my convenience and it kept me from any house work chores which I hated. With ironing there was a beginning, middle and an end; and when you were finished you could see what you had accomplished. You could judge how well you did your work and you could use the product of your labor immediately. There are very few things in my daily life, mostly professional but even personal, that I can say the same for.

Sometimes it is difficult to stay on task, focused on what needs to be done in the present when you know you will not see the fruits of your labor till much later, if at all. In general I think we are an “immediate gratification” culture. We want results now and we don’t see the benefit of being in “it”, whatever “it” is, for the long haul. We just don’t want to wait and we don’t see why we have to.

Well ironing was something that gave me that immediate response to my efforts and I did and still do appreciate that, but I have learned over time that some things need to be thought of as an investment in the future. Things like education or disciplining children or saving money are things we do now so that we or those who come after us can have the benefit of our investment. We go to school not just for the joy of learning about the world, although that can be an immediate benefit as our world expands, but because we know and research supports this that it can improve the quality of our lives.
Right now the economic conditions tell us that our kids may not have a better quality of life than we have, even with an education. Many kids are graduating and having a hard time finding a job in their field of study. They are forced to work in areas that are unrelated to their degrees. But just imagine how difficult it would be for them to find a job without an education.
Find something like ironing that gives you that good feeling of having a completed something you can use immediately, but at the same time invest in the future for yourself and the future.