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Florida State University to Offer Hispanic Marketing Online Courses

Florida State University to Offer Hispanic Marketing Online Courses

Photo: Hispanic Marketing online at FSU

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Starting January 4, 2012, Florida State University will offer its Undergraduate online course on Hispanic Marketing Communication. This time it will also offer a Graduate online version.

The graduate section is appropriate for those people who have completed their undergraduate degrees and wish to continue their education, and for more seasoned marketers that would like to participate in a higher level discussion of issues and principles. Both courses last 15 weeks and are asynchronous so that distance learners can participate at their own pace and during available times.

Both courses address case studies of marketing to Latinos and deal with language, country of origin diversity, demographic, online behaviors, media approaches, strategy issues and guidelines. Perhaps most importantly the courses address cultural insights on how to better connect with Hispanics at a more profound and durable level. Several hundred students have now taken these courses and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. They constitute a good way of learning more about marketing to Hispanics and also are a forum for sharing ideas, problems, and strategic solutions with other marketers. 

Students can use these courses for academic credit and professionals obtain a certificate of completion.