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Diverse Writers Program Launched at Fox

Diverse Writers Program Launched at Fox

Photo: Fox Launches Diverse Writers Program

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The Fox Writer’s Intensive (“FWI”) is a highly selective writer’s initiative, held at the Fox Studios in Los Angeles, CA, from February 2012 through May 2012.

The Intensive is designed to introduce experienced writers with unique voices, backgrounds, life and professional experiences that reflect the diverse perspectives of the audiences we create for to a wide range of Fox staff writers, showrunners, directors, screenwriters and creative executives. These collective individuals will work with the selected writers to build on both their general craft and the business of writing for television, feature films and digital content with an added goal of creating a viable resource of experienced staffing opportunities. Please note that while employment cannot be guaranteed, every aspect of the initiative is designed with a goal—to provide the accepted writers with intensive creative and professional development and exposure that would best equip him or her to succeed at Fox.

Selected writers will be engaged in interactive guest-speaker sessions with established writers, showrunners and directors to discuss case studies of their films and/or television series, gain an insider view of their career trajectory, as well as an analysis of their writing processes. These interactive sessions will endeavor to propel each selected writer to elevate their specific medium through the development of their submitted original script(s) and the creation of new scripts as writing samples. FWI will also include seminars and workshops with Film Independent and Writer’s Bootcamp, during which writers will have the opportunity to receive expert and detailed feedback on their submitted original television and/or feature script(s), as well as pointed guidance on how to best engage and continue to thrive as an experienced, multi-platform writer in the merging creative landscape of the entertainment and media business.

FWI is for trained writers and/or previously staffed writers who have a strong command of their craft and who are deeply committed to pursuing that craft as their profession. The goal of FWI is in equal parts to create an optimal resource for both experienced writers with unique perspectives that will be reflective of our broad and diverse audiences and the cross divisional Fox creative executives who endeavor to continue to develop and distribute quality entertainment. FWI is open to referred writers with professional writing experience in film and/or television, as well as theater and other literary mediums, having an interest in expanding their professional opportunities to include broadcast, film or new media.

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