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Culinary Institute of Spain Launches 100% Online Education Initiative

The education in high-quality international cuisine has come to the Internet. The IGE, prestigious culinary school extends its network and opens in Miami a new platform providing education entirely over the Internet. The school founded in Madrid in 1974, was influenced by a large group of awards chefs like Genaro Pildain, Juan Maria Arzak, and Patxi Bericua. Today the school has a large number of centers across the European continent.

The culinary center IGE, gives students the opportunity to become a future chef in one of the main European cooking schools through the training program, which is addressed to professionals and foodies.

The educational offer consists of a wide range of Masters and courses. Specialization in Food, Hospitality and Nutrition, to the simplest pastry courses and wine tasting are only some of the courses we offer.

Agustin Castro, Director of IGE said “Our goal is that students have access to a job when they graduate. We do not want to create only professionals in the industry, but professionals with true success.” He added: “We are very pleased with the reception of our program, within six months we have tripled the number of students. The group of students is continually growing.  Our courses are designed for absolute beginners to enthusiastic home cooks to ambitious professionals. Among the group there are students, there are businessmen, cooks, bartenders, college students, and unemployed ...They all share a passion for cooking. In addition, the feedback we received from our students is positive and they are respecting the quality of the classes.”

This innovative method of learning how to cook over the Internet is quite unique and students from around the world can access our cooking program via the internet wherever they are. Students will have access to all necessary information and will communicate with faculty through our Virtual Campus of the school. This does not require any additional software. Just with a computer, tablet or smart phone and with an Internet connection you can have access to the lectures and tutorials.

“The teacher is available at all times, guiding and supervising the students whole training, connected via email or video conferencing. The student is receiving an absolutely personalized education: as if the teacher comes to your home, to your kitchen and gives lectures in person,” said Agustin Castro. “In nowadays, this is unthinkable in cooking schools.”

This innovative method of learning how to cook over the Internet is quite unique and exclusive. Students from around the world can access our cooking courses wherever they are. The main advantages of this system is the possibility to reconcile these studies with the personal and professional lives of students. The flexibility of the lectures and the tutorials, is adapting to their needs and lifestyle. Another advantage is that Students can save up to 90% in the price of education compared to other schools with the same level and prestige.

Once the student finishes the Master or the Course, he will have acquired the knowledge and innovative culinary techniques adapted to the latest trends. The student may extend the formation through the internship program at the best hotels, restaurants and companies in Latin America, Spain and the United States. In addition, IGE offers its students a connection with the labor market in the hospitality industry.