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Creating a Season

Creating a Season

Photo: There are seasons of the year when we spend lots of time and energy even money on decorating.

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There are seasons of the year when we spend lots of time and energy even money on decorating.  We decorate the house inside and out. We wear festive clothing and even costumes. With this decorating also comes a change in our behavior.  We speak more easily asking people what they will be doing for the holiday. We may smile more, listen to music, go to more parties, and share food or gifts.

All the decorating, changing the look of our day to day surroundings, has an impact on our behavior, at least is does to me. The music of holidays can lighten our hearts and spirits. We find time and energy to do things for others and we may even learn to do new things.

I wonder if we could take those decorating and music lessons and put them to use other times of the year. What if we decorate our homes and workplaces with whatever things help keep the spirit of good cheer and high energy alive? What could we accomplish?  What if we decorated our houses so that in addition that in this season we focused on reading or language or math? The music of that season might be books on tape or language tapes. The decorations could be bookcases filled with books.  On our coffee tables we might see blocks that build spatial awareness rather than candies and candles. Our seasonal gatherings could be discussions on books or topics of community interest. The music of this season could create an environment of possibility and intellectual enrichment. Oh! The things we could do with this new season!

So, what would a season of continuous learning look like? Imagine the gift we can give ourselves and our families if we spent that time and energy we now use during the holiday seasons creating an enriching environment throughout the year. How can we capitalize on the energy of a holiday and bring that into the rest of the year?  Can we put that to work for us and create an environment where we grow our brains and capabilities not our girth!