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Latin America Business News

Tax Education For America’s Latino Immigrant Workforce

Hispanics whether foreign born or not, need access to quality tax information to comply with the legal obligation of accurately submitting their taxes to the IRS each year.

The Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) receives hundreds of calls from individual’s nationwide requesting information about taxes- many having had experiences with fraudulent tax preparers. In response to this, HAF partnered with H&R Block, for a 6-week pilot project to increase knowledge about the importance of meeting one’s tax obligations regardless of immigration status and to assist individuals in locating bilingual tax preparation services.  The pilot program ended this summer.

HAF has created broader awareness of H&R’s services within the immigrant workforce, reaching this special population to increase the number tax returns. Individuals and families benefited from expert advice from H&R Block employees to learn about their tax obligation, in some cases to receive a tax refund, and to acquire an important tool, which can be used to open a bank account or when purchasing a home.