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Latin America Business News

STUDY: Latin America to See Largest Increase in the Number of/Demand for TVs

STUDY: Latin America to See Largest Increase in the Number of/Demand for TVs

Photo: Latin America to see increase in TV set demand

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A research firm is predicting that Latin America will be the fastest-growing market for new televisions between now and 2015.

IMS Research predicts that along with the increase in TV purchases, the demand for specific types will increase as well, including LCDs, OLEDs, and IDTVs.

It is estimated that Latin America TVs sales will increase by around 26 percent, with the researchers attributing it to “the accelerated growth of the average number of TVs per household,” and “governmental support towards a rapid transition to digital broadcasting, along with the widespread adoption of the ISDB-T standard. Finally, as expected worldwide, there will be increasing demand for flat panel televisions.”

In 2009, there was a 43 percent increase in global shipments of LCD TVs, then in 2010, there was a 29 percent increase, and it is expected that by the end of 2011 the percentage will have gone down even more due to saturation of the LCD TV market. Taking their place, as far as what’s in demand, is predicted to be OLED units, as their worldwide presence is increasing due to manufacturers preparing to launch new models in the next few years.

“If the technology grows cheaper due to mass production and sizes above 32 inches become available, OLED TV market share will increase to reach around 4% of the world television shipments in 2015, led by North America and Asia,” said an IMS researcher.