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Latin America Business News

PuntoMio Announces Alliance with Banamex

Banamex credit card holders can now take advantage of the PuntoMio service, a US shopping facilitator that delivers client’s online orders to their doorstep in Mexico.

Banamex, one of the largest banks in Mexico and PuntoMio, an online shopping portal that offers international clients the ability to shop from millions of online retailers in the US, announced today an alliance that will offer the PuntoMio service to over 1.5 million Banamex clients. 

This alliance will provide Banamex clients with the easiest and most reliable way to shop from US e-tailers. Upon registering at www.puntomio.com/banamex, each client will receive a PuntoMio address in the US where they can receive their online orders which are subsequently delivered to their home or office in Mexico.  Clients will have access to over 1.7 million online stores, catalogs and shopping portals in the United States without having to leave their homes in Mexico.

“Banamex is not only one of the biggest banks in Mexico but it is also one of the most prestigious financial institutions in all of Latin America. It strives to offer its clients exclusive benefits and high quality services,” said A.J. Hernandez, COO of PuntoMio.  “PuntoMio is very proud to enter into this exclusive alliance, which I am certain will be a great benefit to all of Banamex’ clients.”

www.PuntoMio.com/Banamex, is the exclusive website where Banamex clients can register for the service and find all of the information needed to be able to shop online. The site features an online cost calculator, a shopping comparison engine, a personal shopper service, information on import restrictions, order tracking and many other features to help clients shop online.