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Planet Pulp Ushers Into the USA- Six Refreshing Flavors For Any Occasion

Paraguay’s famous Planet Pulp now bottled and sold in the United States!

Whether it’s a backyard barbeque, a day on the golf course, or just a little break at the end of your workday, nothing beats the heat better than the cool taste of Paraguay’s Pulp beverages. Pulp, the number-one carbonated fruit drink in Paraguay, offers a line of carbonated fruit beverages that provides a burst of fruity flavor with every sip. After 75 years of being one of South America’s favorite carbonated fruit drinks, Pulp brand has made its big debut in the United States with Planet Pulp.

The Planet Pulp line consists of six refreshing, caffeine-free thirst-quenchers:

  - Orange – Produced since 1937, Pulp Orange is the leading Pulp favorite in Paraguay. Planet Pulp’s Orange combines the familiar taste of fresh orange juice and natural cane sugars with the refreshment of a carbonated beverage.
  - Diet Orange – Enjoy the flavor of Orange without the carbs or added sugar. It’s the refreshing flavor you want with less of what you don’t.
  - Pineapple – A tropical blast of sweet flavor, Planet Pulp Pineapple is made with natural pineapple flavor. South Americans may know this as Pulp Pineapple, one of the traditional flavors marketed by the original Pulp in 1937.
  - Guarana – Guarana is Planet Pulp’s most unique exotic flavor. It revolutionized the Paraguayan market several years ago, making it the top choice among Pulp drinkers. It delivers a unique fruity taste yet is not overloaded with sugar.
  - Guarana Diet – The lighter version of Guarana, with no sugar and 0 calories! Guarana Diet is made from all natural Guarana flavoring and sweetened with Splenda.
  - Lemon Lime – Made with 100-percent natural lemon and lime flavor, Lemon Lime is a sparkling burst of instant refreshment. It’s the citrus way to burst your thirst!

Planet Pulp’s non-diet carbonated beverages are made with natural fruit flavors from the finest quality fruits. With natural cane sugars instead of sugary syrups, Planet Pulp is like nothing you’ve tasted before!

Planet Pulp’s diet beverages provide low-calorie alternatives to some of our most popular varieties. Simple and fresh on the inside, Planet Pulp features a fresh, modern look on its packaging, adding color and life to all occasions.

“Our consumers can expect vibrant tastes from Planet Pulp. We are excited to bring these six flavors to the United States,” said Tim Carpenter, representative of Bebidas USA – the company responsible for bringing Planet Pulp to U.S. consumers. “We expect Planet Pulp to stir up a bit of nostalgia and become an instant hit. We’ve already received a lot of thanks for bringing such a huge part of South American culture to the U.S.”

Planet Pulp is currently available in single 16.9-oz bottles across the southeast United States. Single-flavor packs of 24 bottles a piece are available at participating retailers. Planet Pulp is made and bottled in the United States.

Find more information and a store locator at PlanetPulp.com or Facebook.com/Planet-Pulp.