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Latin America Business News

Mexican Beer Corona Now One of the “Best Global Brands”

Interbrand has announced its list of 100 ‘Best Global Brands’ and there are few surprises, with Coca-Cola retaining its top spot as the number one ranked brand on the list.  This is the 11th year in a row Interbrand has published their list of 100 Best and its good news for luxury brands (think Cartier, Hermes, Tiffany) that all climbed up the charts but bad news for British Petroleum that completely fell off the list.  Technology brands were in the majority of top stops with IBM at #2, Microsoft #3 and Google #4. 

Mexican beer Corona is a new arrival to the list debuting at #85.  Grupo Modelo owns 5 beer brands with Corona being the most well known in the U.S.  Corona has been the leading beer brand in Mexico for many decades, but does not market itself to U.S. Hispanic’s exclusively.  Only 25 percent of its U.S. sales are by Hispanics. 

Interbrand looks at the way a brand identifies the company and how it delivers on customer expectations.  Key aspects that contribute to good brand value is the financial strength of that brand and how closely associated it is to the company’s prestige.