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Latin America Business News

Hispanic Access Foundation Announces Partnership With H&R Block

Hispanic Access Foundation Announces Partnership With H&R Block

Photo: H&R Block and Hispanic Access Foundation

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The Hispanic Access Foundation has announced it has partnered with H&R Block, the world’s largest tax services provider, to educate Spanish-speaking taxpayers about tax issues affecting where they live, work and play.

HAF and H&R Block will work with leaders in select communities to discuss tax topics, promote regular informational seminars called Tax Talks and participate in community events.

“We are excited to work with H&R Block,” said Maite Arce, executive director of HAF. “Hispanics, particularly those with limited English proficiency, need access to quality information in their language and to bilingual tax experts so we can help build their understanding about taxes.”

The project’s goal is to increase Hispanics’ knowledge of the key elements that are critical to understand and consider when filing a tax return. These elements include the benefits of establishing an accurate tax history in the U.S. and how a tax return is an important tool when building a financial history.

“Hispanics have a unique set of issues they deal with when it comes to taxes that are confusing and easy to overlook,” Arce said. “Through tax education we can help position them for greater long-term financial success.”