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Financial Health - What’s in Your Credit Report?  (INFOGRAPHIC)

Financial Health - What’s in Your Credit Report?  (INFOGRAPHIC)

Photo: Financial Health - What's in Your Credit Report?

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Thinking of buying a house?  Or just trying to rent a car? Are you worried about your credit score because you’ve made some late credit card payments?  You are not alone!  But find out what actually goes into your credit report!

Did you know it goes back seven years?  Is compiled by the three main credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, and then your FICO score is determined based on all three?  Did you know that 35% of the report is based on payment history,  30% is amount owed? Did you know the typical report has nine credit cards?  Or that student loans account for the largest debt owed over $1 trillion?

Check out this infographic courtesy of Direct Lending Solutions.