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Latin America Business News

$570 Million Chrysler Plant Debuts in Mexico

Chrysler automotive opened its sixth engine manufacturing plant this weekend in Mexico at a cost of $570 million.  The plant is located in the state capital of Saltillo and will produce their most advanced and energy efficient engine that will be used in its Jeep Cherokee, Town and Country and Dodge Charger models. 

The plant will employ 700 Mexican’s and is considered state of the art in terms of energy efficiency with 1,900 solar cells used to reduce carbon emissions.  Overall the automotive industry in the country is one of the largest employers – effecting the livelihoods of close to 500,000 Mexican families.

President Felipe Calderon attended the inauguration ceremony stating, “I’m very pleased to inaugurate this plant, which marks another phase in the successful strategic alliance among Chrysler, Coahulia and Mexico.”