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Latin America Business News

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Argentina and China’s Billion-Dollar Friendship

The government of Argentina and China are expected to announce later today that they have signed an unprecedented $10Billion trade and investment agreement further linking the unlikely amigos together. continue reading »

Mexican Tourism Revenue On The Rise

Tourists are coming back to Mexico when compared to travel figures from same time last year generating $5.56Billion for the country and the good news is expected to continue for the rest of the year. continue reading »

Chávez Faces Resistance to the Nationalization of the Largest Food Manufacturer

Polar, the Venezuelan version of Kraft or Procter & Gamble is the president's next expropriation victim. continue reading »

Volkswagen Announces $1Billion Investment in Mexico

European auto manufacturer, Volkswagen (VW), has announced it plans on investing $1Billion over the next 3 years in its existing Mexican operations. continue reading »

Argentina Will be Home to New Honda Manufacturing Facility

Argentina Will be Home to New Honda Manufacturing Facility

The Japanese automaker Honda has announced it will begin production in the outskirts of Buenos, Aires Argentina next year. continue reading »

Mobile Content Services Growing Fast in Latin America

The total mobile services market in Latin America is nearing saturation in terms of number of subscribers. In Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, the mobile penetration rates were 92.2, 84.3, and 77.2 percent, respectively. continue reading »

Brazil’s Petrobras Announces Multi-Billion Dollar Investment Plan

Brazil’s Petrobras Announces Multi-Billion Dollar Investment Plan

The state-owned oil and gas producer, Petrobras of Brazil announced it's aggressive investment plan of $224 billion by 2014. continue reading »

La Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público Anuncia la Abertura de Operaciones con Dólares

El secretario de Hacienda, Ernesto Cordero Arroyo, en una conferencia de prensa explica las nuevas reglas de operación con dólares en efectivo en el sistema bancario con el propósito de combatir el lavado de dinero. continue reading »

Pemex Sues BASP Corporation Over Illicit Fuel Sales

Mexico's state oil monopoly Pemex sued BASF Corporation, the German chemical group, and several other US-based energy trading companies for illicit fuel sales. This case is part of an ongoing investigation into a multi-million-dollar market of contraband fuel continue reading »