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Kate del Castillo Pioneer in the ‘Novela’ Genre, Stars in New Radionovela


Kate del Castillo is making a name for herself as a pioneer in the “novela” genre. In 2009, she created the first ever “webnovela” and now she has moved onto “radionovelas.”

The 44-year-old Mexican beauty who first gained fame in traditional telenovelas is now starring in the first ever bilingual radionovela being released via podcast. Celestial Blood (Sangre Celestial), produced by KCRW, according to a press release is “a twist on the traditional telenovela, tackling multiculturalism and the multi-generational family ties that exist across the U.S.-Mexico border.” The podcast is available every Monday via kcrw.com/podcasts.

In 2009 Del Castillo introduced the world to the “webnovela” with her Vidas Cruzadas (Crossed Lives) web series, which and at that time was a gamble for Univision.com. To the Spanish language network’s surprise the webnovela was streamed over two million times and remains one of the most popular webnovelas.

Del Castillo has been acting professionally since she was nine-year-old and has rarely been without work. That is until her 2015 journey to Mexico to the Sierra Madre mountains, with Sean Penn to visit the most wanted narco, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. Guzman at the time was in hiding from Mexican and U.S. authorities after a second prison escape.

The acting offers dried up as Mexican authorities alleged Castillo received illegal funds from El Chapo to create her ‘Honor del Castillo’ tequila company. In addition, the actress refused to go to Mexico to work fearing El Chapo’s enemies would assassinate her for her association with the head of the Sinaloa cartel. The extent of that association remains murky. Why did El Chapo reach out to her, was he simply a big fan as she claims?

She has since found projects on this side of the border, guest starring on Jane the Virgin, obtaining a recurring role on Weeds and most recently starring in the Netflix series Ingobernable, which was just renewed for a second season.

What’s next for the ‘novela’ genre? We don’t know but Kate del Castillo will.

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