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Chiquis Rivera Shines Through Criticism

Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera, 29, daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera, will launch this week the second season of her online reality show “Chiquis Confidential”. Rivera indicated she was doing a second season at the request of her fans and in response to gossip about her in the media.

“Chiquis Confidential”, presented in English with Spanish subtitles, kicked off with 48 episodes that average between five and seven minutes each. The series debuted on the website chiquisonline.com in February 2014, and produced by Guillermo Rosas, Diego Jacome and Richard Bull with animation by Elim Nicea and Nicotronick.

The second season entitled “Chiquis Confidential 2” starts this Tuesday and will consist of 24 episodes available to viewers on the website beginning at 3 p.m. Pacific time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In the video for her first single “Paloma Blanca”, Chiquis received a lot of criticism because she used one of her deceased mother’s dresses, resulting in fans of Jenni Rivera to complain on social media that it wasn’t right for Chiquis to use her mother’s fame to promote herself.

Janney Marin, otherwise known as Chiquis Rivera, began her life in showbiz together with her mother in the television shows “Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C” and “I Love Jenni”.

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