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The Ever-Evolving Elvis Crespo and Carlos Vives

Latin Pop

From the mid-1990’s to early 2000’s, if you grew up in a Latino home, you were bound to hear the tracks of either Elvis Crespo or Carlos Vives, while many listened to both.

Though they both vary in their original genres (salsa and cumbia, respectively), both have also recently changed their music to fit a more urban pop version of themselves, collaborating with artists like Daddy Yankee and Bachata Heightz to change their individual images from what we all once knew of them.

Even their appearances have changed! For Crespo, what once was a flowing mane of shoulder-length jet black hair has been pulled away to reveal the ever-dominant faux-hawk that’s sweeping the Latino nation. The change in hair hasn’t been so drastic for Vives, but it does involve shortening it and adding some darker clothes to his formerly rustic wardrobe.

These transitions have yielded positive results, but it’s also left some fans wondering if they’ve crossed too far over into new territory. Carlos Vives’ El Amor De Mi Tierra stays true to its roots, so let’s hope that the next few releases from both of these artists don’t stray too far away from the homeland.

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