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Shakira Shakes Off Tax Evasion Woes and Debuts New Music Video


Spanish authorities are trying to figure out if Colombian singer Shakira is a tax cheat. Authorities feel she lived in Barcelona three years before she says she moved to join her partner soccer player Gerard Pique.

The Hips Don’t Lie” singer says she arrived in 2015, Spain says no you arrived in 2012 – and therefore you owe use 3 years of your hefty income tax. What’s at stakes: MILLIONS.

The tax verdict is due in June, around the same time that Shakira is kicking off her international tour promoting her 11th album “El Dorado”. And this week Shakira launched a new music video for one of the hits in “El Dorado” - “Trap” - featuring reggaeton star Maluma.

If Shakira is found guilty of tax evasion she will be liable for past due taxes and fines – jail is only a consideration if deliberate fraud is found.

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