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Lila Downs Explains Her New Album “Balas y Chocolate”

Lila Downs

Lila Downs’ long-standing career as a voice of the Mexican people transcends decades and all nationalities. From her mixed upbringing of Mixtec Indian and American roots, Downs has created a repertoire of soulful and engaging tracks catered to any fan of authentic Latin music.

Using her intense background of classical voice and anthropology along with her strong Mexican heritage, Downs calls upon friends, neighbors, journalists and any and all that are tired of political oppression to band together and find a voice for themselves within the lyrics of her songs. In her newest album Balas y Chocolate, released in March, Downs says that this album is “more personal than any of the rest” in regards to her other 11 studio albums.

The successes of consecutive Grammy and Latin Grammy wins, her message and her determination make her one of the most dynamic Mexican-American singers of our age. There’s no telling where her tales of folklore and freedom will transport us next.

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