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Is Singer Luis Miguel a Deadbeat?


The number of lawsuits Luis ‘El Sol de Mexico’ Miguel is facing is higher than the SPF on his tanning cream. He faces lawsuits for not paying his rent to defaulting on a loan from his record label to taking money for performances he never gave to not paying his manager.

What gives – is Luis Miguel a deadbeat?

He has apparently defaulted on a loan from his record label Warner Music. The perennial tanned iconic singer apparently borrowed nearly $4 Million dollars in 2014 and has not paid Warner Music back. Miguel had made promises to handle his debt in 2015 and did not follow through on that promise. In addition his Los Angeles landlord is suing him for not paying rent. And he can’t live in his car since his Rolls Royce is in the process of being seized as part of a lawsuit by his former manager.

His former manager William Brockhaus won a $5 million court ordered settlement after Miguel refused to pay Brockhaus for concerts he had organized and endorsement deals he had secured. Miguel paid $4 million of the settlement and came up short so the $300,000 will help with the balance owed.

Then there’s the pesky matter with singer Alejandro Fernandez and the fact that he pocketed a $6 million dollar advance and didn’t deliver on a series of concerts in 2016. Early this year Fernandez sued Miguel.

What the hell is Luis Miguel doing with all his money? He has been performing since he was 12-years-old, has sold over 100 million records and is said to be worth $45 million.

Back in 2015 when Miguel cancelled numerous concerts citing health issues, rumors surfaced that Miguel was suffering from severe depression and drinking to excess.

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