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‘Hamilton’ Sets Broadway Record after Trump Bitch Slaps the Cast

'Hamilton' Making History

They say revenge is bittersweet but actually this time is was just sweet. Hamilton the Broadway sensation that has taken the country by storm achieved an artistic milestone this week when the play set a new Broadway record for most money earned in a single week. The $3.3 million box office was earned for eights shows. This accomplishment came on the heels of President-elect Donald Trump taking time from his busy schedule not reading security briefings to bitch slap them regarding the cast treatment of his Vice President-elect Michael Pence.

Pence and his wife attended an evening performance on November 19, and were first welcomed at the Richard Rodgers Theatre with boo’s followed by a public lesson (shaming) on diversity and inclusion from the cast. Yes it was unprecedented, rude and cringe-worthy. But for the nearly 2 million Hillary voters it was oh so wonderful to witness. This was the Indiana Governor’s first reality check that his homophobic and vagina cursing extreme anti-abortion legislation are not appreciated in the big city.

The Commander – in-Tweets immediately demanded an apology from the cast and called for a boycott instead he was bitch slapped back with loyal audiences putting Hamilton in the history books.

The Broadway smash created by Lin Manuel Miranda tells the story of the country’s first treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton using hip-hop. It garnered a record-breaking 16 Tony Award nominations earlier this year and won 11 of them. In addition to setting records for one week’s earnings, the show also the broke record for highest ticket price with a $998 seat being purchased last week – who we assume was not a Trump supporter.

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