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Buika Releases New Album ‘Vivar Sin Miedo’


Buika has released her new album, “Vivar Sin Miedo,” and announced a small U.S. tour beginning in March.​

“Vivar Sin Miedo” displays many different styles of music: reggae, Afrobeat, R&B, gospel, and many other genres. This is a large departure from her usual Latin Jazz style, showing a new daring side to Buika. Though not all of the songs on “Vivar Sin Miedo” fully depart from her former sound, “Waves” being one of those songs.

Buika wrote and produced the album herself, according to Latin Times. The album’s first single, “Carry Your Own Weight” with singer Jason Mraz is out now.

Her tour starts March 19 in Berkley, California.

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