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Watch Beatriz at Dinner to Find Out What Happens When a Mexican Party Crashes


When Beatriz at Dinner starring Salma Hayek in the title role premiered at Sundance in January everyone called it the social conscious movie needed in the time of President Donald Trump. It was referred to as a liberal fantasy where the noble Mexican immigrant masseuse, finally tells beautiful people with ugly morals that their shit does stink while noshing on her boss’ good food and wine.

Everyone knows the high improbability of the movie premise: a) An ugly Salma – no way. b) Mexican immigrant portrayed sitting at the table versus cleaning it – no way. c) Your employer who pays you minimum wage asking you to dine with a different socio economic group and not asking you to do the dishes after – no way. d) A billionaire real estate developer, perfectly portrayed by John Lithgow, who is an asshole, treats people like trinkets and says highly inappropriate things – well OK that’s reality based.

Therefore the expectation was the movie was going to be viewed as a comedic farce when it opened in theaters. Guess what it’s not – it’s gallantly trying to send a timely message. And how you feel about the movie and its message depends on whether you’re a deplorable wearing Ivanka’s Chinese knock-offs or one of those praying for an impeachment soon.

The dark comedy has been well received by critics and audiences alike and is currently in theaters nationwide. So watch this trailer to get a sneak peak and relish the moment when a Mexican crashes the party and decides to slowly unleash Lucha Libre rage against the pretty people pickled in hate and bias.

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