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“Overboard” Movie Remake Takes Latino Turn as Eva Longoria Joins Cast


The 1987 hit Overboard is getting a remake with a definitive Latino twist. The cast is now comprised of two big Hispanic Hollywood stars: Eugenio Derbez and Eva Longoria. Derbez who signed on to the cast several months ago, is reprising the role originally played by Goldie Hawn.

Derbez is portraying a talent-less heir to a wealthy Mexican family whose talents are snobbery and not much else.

Anna Faris, will reprise Kurt Russell’s role of Dean Proffitt portraying Kate, the reluctant single mom who convinces Derbez that they’re married after he falls off his family’s yacht and suffers amnesia. Longoria will play Theresa, Kate’s boss/employer at the local pizza restaurant. Theresa is also Kate’s closest confidant wondering where the handsome new Latino lover came from.

The Overboard movie will start filming next month in Canada, produced by MGM and Pantelion Films. Pantelion Films is a partnership between Lionsgate and Mexican media powerhouse Grupo Televisa.

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