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Mexican Music Icon Pepe Aguilar’s ‘Invisible’ Son Surfaces as Human Smuggler Facing Jail Time


Spanish language media has often wondered where Jose Emiliano Aguilar, eldest son of ranchero music superstar Pepe Aguilar, is hiding. The 24-year-old is referred to as the ‘invisible’ one, since he is not seen in most of Aguilar Sr.’s social media posts of happy trails and travels.

This month Jose Emiliano has surfaced as an admitted human smuggler in a high profile case of bad choices and embarrassment for the iconic family of Mexican music. Jose Emiliano is the singer’s only child from his brief first marriage to singer Carmen Trevino. The brief dalliance marriage is often cited as the reason Aguilar Sr. hasn’t spent enough time with his son, others would say he is too busy with his newer “perfect” family – either way it appears it’s time to pay the piper for the decision or at the very least pay for the lawyers.

The high profile problems started in March when Jose Emiliano was caught with four undocumented Chinese immigrants in the trunk of his car, as he attempted to cross the border from Mexico into the U.S. He was charged with bringing four “unlawful aliens” into the U.S. a major immigration No- No. It is alleged he was charging the Chinese nationals between $3,000-$60,000 for a ride in the trunk of his 2014 Chrysler and access to the U.S. where he is a citizen.

After pleading not guilty in April he accepted a reduced plea deal as an admitted human trafficker this month – sadly close to the date of the 10th anniversary of Antonio Aguilar – “El Charro de Mexico” - his legendary grandfather’s death. Jose Emiliano is not allowed to leave Southern California, must live with his mother and is required to undergo counseling while he awaits his sentence later this summer – most likely a jail term.

During these difficult times the grand Aguilar Sr. defended his son and said he “was not a delinquent” but made sure his family man, perfect image was not tainted by that of his wayward son. While stating he is “100 percent in solidarity” with his son he made sure his fans knew he is not hiding anything or involved in the tawdry business of smuggling “illegals.” The young man’s lawyer, presumably paid by dad since Jose Emiliano does not work or go to school, has also repeatedly stated the elder Aguilar has nothing to do with the matter.

Who the hell accused him of anything and why not focus on his troubled son.

Aguilar Sr. has been married to his second wife, Aneliz Aguilar Alvarez, for decades they share three children: Aneliz (18), Leonardo (17) and Angela (13). The two youngest, who are musicians, often tour with their father another venue where Jose Emiliano is not often spotted with his father. Spanish language media could only scrounge up a couple of pictures of father and son together when reporting on this story.

Aguilar Sr. is a four-time Grammy and Latin Grammy award winner. The Aguilar name is pure gold in the music industry with numerous aunts and uncle in the business with the deceased patriarch Antonio Aguilar considered the father of ranchera music.

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