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Gina Rodriguez on a Mission to Latin-ize TV


Gina Rodriguez clearly is not happy JUST being a great, award-winning actress. The 33-year-old Puerto Rican talent now wants to make sure TV viewers get regular doses of Latino content.

Variety is reporting that Rodriguez just inked a deal to develop several Latin-centric TV shows for CBS and its affiliate The CW. The CW is home to Rodriguez’ hit drama ‘Jane the Virgin’ where she portrays Jane Gloriana Villaneuva.

The list of TV products Rodriguez through her aptly called production company, I Can & I Will Productions, is developing is growing.

Here’s a list to keep it all straight:

  • Have Mercy: The series will center on a Latina doctor who can’t practice due to her immigration status. She then decides to open a makeshift clinic in her apartment to service her Miami community while working as a nurse’s aide.
  • Illegal: Based on the true life story of Rafael Agustin who at sixteen discovers he is undocumented. The hourlong dramedy is expected to be the very first undocumented family sitcom. Agustin serves as executive producer and writer of the show.
  • L.A. Story: The yet-to-be scripted drama is based on the novel “Flood Girl” by Richard Fifield. The story loosely looks at the strange world of Los Angeles circa 1990s and what it looks and feels like to strangers.

Rodriguez is not leaving behind her day job as an actor. She is set to return to season four of ‘Jane the Virgin and is lending her voice to the animated comedy ‘Ferdinand’ as well as ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

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