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Chilean Miners Attend ‘The 33’ Movie Premiere in Rome

Chilean Miners Movie

​Five years after the rescue of the 33 Chilean trapped miners some of the men attended the movie “The 33” premiere in Rome.

The movie, starring Antonio Banderas, chronicles the 70 days the men were trapped inside of the San Jose mine, as well as their families waiting for them to be rescued.

While in Rome, the men and their families were blessed by Pope Francis. The men presented the Pope with a signed helmet from all of them.

On August 5, 2010, while digging for copper and gold, the San Jose mine collapsed leaving the 33 men trapped. For 17 days, until confirmed by the outside world that the men were alive, they lived on cans of tuna, each man only getting a spoonful a day. Until they were rescued, they were given food and water through a 6-inch hole.

The film will be released nationwide on November 13.

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