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Year of Gina Rodriguez: After Losing TV Virginity She is Ready to Play Badass in ‘Miss Bala’

Gina Rodriguez

We are just going to call 2017 the year of Gina Rodriguez.

The actress not only lost her TV virginity this year, she is set to dominate the animated film world and most importantly she is set to star in “Miss Bala.”

The film is an adaptation of the Mexican film by the same name, that is centered on a beauty contestant who sees the wrong thing and ends up missing. Rodriguez will portray Gloria Meyer who goes in search of her missing beauty queen friend and encounter narcos, corrupt DEA agents and of course lots of gun fights.

The Chicago-born Puerto Rican actress’s talents were unleashed portraying Jane Gloriana Villanueva on the CW hit drama “Jane the Virgin,” a role she won a Best Performance by an Actress Emmy in 2015 for. The third season just ended with Jane no longer Jane the Virgin. Critics called this one of Rodriguez best episodes.

If that wasn’t exciting enough Rodriguez is slated to star in three highly touted animated productions. Later this year Rodriguez will star in an animated Christian comedy film lending her voice to the role of Mary. The star-studded production, that includes Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, is based on the nativity of Jesus. In December we will hear Rodriguez lend her voice to the character of a hedgehog in the animated comedy “Ferdinand.” Rodriguez, next, will lend her voice for the Netflix animated production based on the popular video gameWhere in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”.

Rodriguez is a highly in demand actress so will have no time off before she gets ready for season four of the award-winning “Jane the Virgin” cable series.

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