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What Does J Lo Change More? Her Underwear or Her Men


Jennifer Lopez loves love, or better said loves to be loved publicly. Her latest ego replenishing carnal attraction is Alex Rodriguez. Yes, easy on the eyes, age appropriate and does not need her as a human ATM machine.

Jenny from the Block is many things: Singer (Ok maybe not so much), dancer, celebrity judge, film and TV actress, but now she is one pair of pants away from her newest role – aging harlot. Even the marriage count is getting to the Zsa Zsa Gabor or Liz Taylor level with three down and counting.

Is the issue the number of alleged paramours? Is the issue that they don’t seem to stick around very long? Is the issue that no one not even her intended claim her as theirs? Was her “relationship” with Drake which was more like a convenience store stop, really real? Was her rumored (all started by her camp some say) re-connection with her Marc Anthony all in her mind?

If nothing else Lopez is efficient as soon as she hooks one she creates a social media post. This weekend she made it official via Instagram (a post since deleted) that her and Rodriguez were an item and heading to the Bahamas. Just like her pic hugging Drake who forgot to tell her he was dating multiple others during their 4 week romance.

Several “blind gossip” posts indicate that J Lo’s issue is her pinkie toe hold on reality that requires her to be with someone 24/7 and the pathological need to be desired. Clearly it doesn’t matter if they are someone else’s husband (Marc Anthony was still married to Shannon De Lima when she publicly flirted with him and did nothing to deny rumors they were getting back together), if they are on the payroll (Casper Smart), if they carry guns and are implicated in a shooting (Puff Daddy) or worse was your co-star (Ben Affleck) in Gigli.

Jenny from the Block needs to love herself less, and love real love more!

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