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Pitbull to Be Showcased in Two New TV Reality Shows

Pitbull on TV

Latin urban sensation Pitbull has signed a contract with The Weinstein Company to produce two reality shows about his life and career, The Hollywood Reporter announced.

"Pitbull: The Lyfe" will showcase the rapper’s busy life including an inside look at his tours and studio recordings.

His second show, "The REAL Change Project" will feature Pitbull along with other public figures such as First Lady Michelle Obama, singer Lady Gaga, and basketball star Kobe Bryant as they reveal who their role models were and who inspired them and helped them to succeed.

"It’s an honor to partner with The Weinstein Company and Real Change Productions/Honey I’m Home on Lyfe and The REAL Change Project, two series with the point of view that life is what we make it – some follow the rules; others bend them," the Miami-born Pitbull said.

The shows will be distributed in 2015 as Pitbull promotes his new album "Globalization" to be released on November 24th.

Pitbull will once again be the emcee at the American Music Awards on November 23rd.

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