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Jennifer Lopez’s Newest Project

Jennifer Lopez

Puerto Rican singer and actress Jennifer Lopez will move away from the star-studded stage to take on a new project this fall.

On November 4, her first book will be published, an autobiographical work entitled “True Love” in which she reveals details about one of the key periods of her life, the Penguin Group’s Celebra publishing division announced.

The book had initially been scheduled to go on sale on October 28, but its release was postponed until the first week of November.

“True Love”, which will hit the market in both Spanish and English at the same, will be in the form of a personal diary and will include never-before-seen photos from her life.

The singer said that she had a lot of doubts about whether or not to publish the book, but finally she decided to do so because of the possibility to connect emotionally with her readers and fans.

If she could just get to one person, then writing the book would become one of the most satisfying efforts of her life, JLo said.

“True Love” focuses on the two-year period during which Lopez said she faced her “greatest challenges” as an artist and as a mother, identified her biggest fears and emerged as a stronger person, according to the publisher.

A percentage of the sales proceeds of the book will go to The Lopez Family Foundation, which is focused on improving the health and well being of women and children.

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