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J. Lo’s in Love Which Means She’s Sellin’ Something

J. Lo Drake Fake Love

It’s that time of year again when Jennifer Lopez looks inside her purse to count loose change and saw it was a little light after paying off her last boyfriend assistant Casper Smart for dog walking, babysitting and sewing sequins on her gowns.

There’s a Spanish album, Las Vegas show, NBC Live TV musical and collaboration with Drake all in 2017 that need sellin’ and Jenny from the Block hasn’t met a dollar denomination she didn’t like. Remember folks this is the same gal that the venerable Human Rights Foundation accused of “Serenading crooks and dictators” for cash.

And what better than an improbable love affair with a black Jewish-Canadian rap star that has been accused of being light in his Gucci loafers. Drake and Lopez were first rumored to be a couple, in between all their other improbable love affairs, having met earlier this year after Drake attended her Las Vegas show. Drake’s long list of beards loves don’t ever seem to hang around very long which is something he has in common with the thrice-married, once-engaged Puerto Rican triple threat.

The marketing savvy couple posting a unscripted, natural, tender couch-cuddling pic on their respective Instagram accounts and waited for the world to exhale – “It’s true.” Or was that an impish smile we detected that said “suckers” buy our stuff.

Lopez better make sure Drake doesn’t get entangled in a transgender scandal like her last staff member boyfriend 29-year-old not very smart Smart. It’s also recommended that Drake brush on his dog walking, baby sitting and sequin sewing skills while fending off Rihanna who he alleged took off the payroll angered by dating the vintage 47-year-old Lopez.

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