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NARCO BLOG: “The Professor” of the Zeta Cartel arrested in Hidalgo (VIDEO)

Eduardo Ramírez Valencia, alias “The Professor” was arrested on Wednesday along with an alleged accomplice. Fedds hope this arrest will cripple the Zetas in Hidalgo - about 100 miles north of Mexico City.
‘The Professor’ is also known to be a close collaborator of Heriberto Lazcano, known as The Lazca, considered the leader of ‘The Zetas’. The Zeta’s are one of the most violent drug trafficking organizations in Mexico and accused of much of the killings and violence of this year.

“With this fractured much of the capacity of Los Zetas to be drug trafficking route from the Dominican Republic and Panama to the United States, “said Cardenas.

Federal Police believe that Hidalgo is one of the most important places for ‘The Zetas Cartel in Mexico, because it is the home state of Lazcano and it is a crossing area of the country.

The police chief said that “The Professor” was responsible for security when Hidalgo Lazcano was visiting. This would allow Lazcano to relax and conduct negotiations on the cartels drug trafficking.
Authorities say that this is the first time Federal Police have arrested someone from the Zeta Cartel who is directly responsible for negotiating major drug shipments to the US.

Eduardo Ramírez Valencia, The Professor, is attributed with the negotiation and transfer of large quantities of cocaine from Panama to Mexico and the Dominican Republic ultimately bound for U.S.

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