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Narco News: Gulf Cartel Hangs 2 Zetas and kills 12-Year-old Child in Broad Daylight -PHOTO WARNING

Narco News: Gulf Cartel Hangs 2 Zetas and kills 12-Year-old Child in Broad Daylight -PHOTO WARNING

Photo: Gulf Cartel Hangings

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During the day in Nuevo Leon two men were hung from a bridge with hundreds of people watching and a child was shot dead. Shortly after 10:00 am, armed men came to the Bridge at Revolution and Chapultepec Avenue, located in Monterrey while it was extremely crowded.

It took the men about eight minutes, with hundreds of witnesses to hang their prisoners. There were three male persons in the vehicle; at first glance they were tortured. One was hoisted up with his hands tied and hung from the bridge, followed with another, while the third was forced to watch what they were doing and ran. While he was trying to escape from the gunmen, bullets hit him and he was killed while running. The victim has been identified as a young person aged between 12 and 13.

When they had hung the two young men, the gunmen proceeded to fire their weapons at them- they did not care that people were watching. Of course, the situation caused panic, and the murderers left the bridge without hurry.

Because hundreds of motorists were able to observe the cruel scene, the authorities did not take long as they received many calls for help. Some elements of the Ministerial Police managed to rescue one of the hanged men who survived, while the other was already dead. The survivor was taken aboard a state police patrol to an ambulance, where he received medical attention.

There was a hanging narcomessage directed to Los Zetas, signed by the Gulf Cartel, the text stated that this would happen to people who were supporting the Zeta’s, especially hawks and shopkeepers, ie those selling drugs. In addition to the hanging there was placed communication equipment, noting that they were hawks.

Forensic Medical Service personnel transferred the bodies to the amphitheater at the University Hospital, where they remain as unknown.

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