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Narco Booty Auction Begins-All sales to respect buyer’s privacy!

Narco Booty Auction Begins-All sales to respect buyer’s privacy!

Photo: Narco Booty Auction

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Thursdays auction drew a crowd of more than 700 people. Up for auction was the jewelry seized from organized crime. The auction is being held at the “Mexico City Hotel.”

In a historic auction expected to raise more than 80 million pesos, bidders from around the country have gathered to bid on goods including a ring of 12 karat gold with a 14-carat diamond. There is also a scorpion-shaped brooch made of rubies and several gold jewelry pieces as well as several designer watches encrusted with diamonds.

Organized by Service Management and Disposal of Goods, (SAE), the auction will be held until Friday morning. On Friday, a hundred vehicles confiscated by customs will also be auctioned off. But it is the watches and jewelry that have generated most of the attention.

“These lots have raised great interest, this is a new market for the SAE.” said the owner of Service Sergio Hidalgo.

Hidalgo declined to identify the origin of the goods confiscated from organized crime and insisted that such information is held by the Attorney General’s Office and not SAE.

But he said that all sales would respect the privacy of buyers who purchase assets seized from organized crime.
Of the lots that have sold, a Rolex watch went for 106 and a Piaget watch sold for more than $86,000.00.