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Narco Blog:Seven Members of Knights Templar Captured By Police

Narco Blog:Seven Members of Knights Templar Captured By Police

Photo: Knights Templar Cartel

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The Ministry of Public Security issued an official statement, that elements of the Federal Police conducted a raid in the town of Apatzingan, Michoacan, where they managed to capture seven members of the Knights Templar. Among those captured were Faustino Pacheco Torres, better known as El Pariente, 36, who is identified as head of the Knights Templar assassins. El Pariente, admitted a role in the encounter recorded in December 2010, where killed Moreno González, alias El Chayo, was killed who in life was the leader of La Familia Michoacana. Pariente said that his helicopters fired on the Federal Police.

Officials said the following criminals were also captured; Asunción Vázquez Pacheco, aka El Chompiras, 30, who was responsible for distributing advertising for the Knights Templar and hang narcobanners.  Alejandro López Gómez, alias El Chore, 23, The robes provided for The Knights Templar and also participated in Narco banners, Ramon Contreras Rios, aka The Scorpion, 35, Alfonso Rojas Amezola, alias El Poncho, 21; Mauro Salvador Espinoza Aguilar, alias Hector, 19; Julian Camacho Arturo Rojas, alias The Pacifier, 24.

The statement says that the raid also managed to secure seven AK-47 rifles, seven pistols, 38 caliber, 35 magazines, four coats in colors white with a red cross, 20 books Code of the Knights Templar, narcobanners signed by the Knights Templar, seven trimmings in colors black, military-style clothing, seven teams of mobile phone.

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