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NARCO BLOG:  Two men Found Hanging from Overpass in San Luis Potosi (GRAPHIC)

At dawn yesterday, two bodies were hung from a bridge in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Police were called to the gruesome scene at federal highway 57 San Luis –Queretaro, when passerbys noticed two men hanging from the overpass.

Mexican police, while trying to lower both bodies, dropped one of the bodies that came crashing down to street level, making identification of the mangled corpse more difficult, if not impossible. 

One of the unidentified victims was handcuffed and both corposes showed sign of torture.  A narco message was also present reading the follow:

” These are the damn enguilados, which killed a homeless man. According to those with a clean conscience they are falcons. First learn to wipe your *** .  Here is where the **** enters.  Los Zetas “.

The message indicates that the victims were killed as revenge for their killings of an indigent person thinking he was someone else. 

So far the two men remain unidentified.

To read more in Spanish, click here.