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Narco Blog: Three Men Killed in Acapulco

Narco Blog: Three Men Killed in Acapulco

Photo: Narco Blog- Acapulco Murders

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Yesterday afternoon three men were shot to death in the street Paseo de la CaƱada High Infonavit in the colony of Progress.

Two of the three executed were identified as Nicholas Salgado and Jorge Luis Avila Hernandez Lemus, 50 and 27 years of age, respectively.

The third victim was not identified until the evening.
Nicholas Salgado Avila was shot on the banks of the street and Jorge Luis Lemus Hernandez at the foot of a wall.
At the scene authorities recovered Magnum shell casings caliber 357, AR-15 and Kalashnikov.

The victimized were shot in the head and body.
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