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NARCO BLOG: Three members of the Aztecs Captured in Ciudad Juárez

NARCO BLOG: Three members of the Aztecs Captured in Ciudad Juárez

Photo: Aztec Cartel Arrests

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Elements of the Federal Police clashed with gunmen in the colony of Santa Elena Farm, in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Today an official communiqué issued by the Ministry of Public Security announced that after the clash, three members were captured of the criminal group known as Los Aztecas.

The apprehended subjects were identified as:

-Angel Martinez Vega , Alias El Pelon, 44 years old, this guy allegedly was responsible for having prepared the house where the drug was stored, received payment by the organization cartel known as The Aztecs.

Ivan Carbajal-Tinoco, alias Ivan, 30 years old, identified as allegedly responsible for renting the house to store and care for the various quantities of drugs, later distributed in various neighborhoods for sale and marketing.

Roberto Figueroa-Cano, aka Beto, 33 years old, this person was allegedly responsible for carrying out surveillance work (Falcon) to indicate the presence of authority in the area and was also responsible for providing security to the addresses where they hid the drug.

A wide range of contents was confiscated. A 22 gauge gun, two pistols gauge 9 millimeters, pistol gauge 45, four magazines, five rounds of ammunition, five frequency radios, two telephones cellular, Two radio’s, a vehicle, in addition to 380 thousand kilograms of marijuana.

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