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Narco Blog: “The Smurf” and 12 Other Zeta Members Captured

Narco Blog: “The Smurf” and 12 Other Zeta Members Captured

Photo: Zeta arrest

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Officers of the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico captured 13 members of the criminal organization Los Zetas in the state of Veracruz.  One of the suspects was identified as Hector Tejeda Vazquez, aka The Smurf, who is under investigation in the murder of a sailor whose body, was found in Playa de Vaca.

Authorities report they received an anonymous tip alerting them to an armed group in the town of San Julian, Veracruz.  Quickly elements of the Mexico Navy conducted ground patrols and caught the offenders. The gunmen were cornered, gave little resistance and were captured. They also managed to secure several guns, gun cartridges, a grenade launcher, 25 grenades, 24 computers; thousands grams of cocaine powder, 800 thousand pounds of marijuana, among other things.

The 13 subjects admitted that they belonged to the Zetas and have participated in numerous crimes. They were moved to the facilities of the Office of Special Investigations on Organized Crime in Mexico City.

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