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NARCO BLOG: The Gulf Cartel Release Video Aimed at Zetas

NARCO BLOG: The Gulf Cartel Release Video Aimed at Zetas

Photo: Gulf Cartel Member With Victim

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The Gulf Cartel has recently released a video intended for members of the rival cartel Los Zetas.

It begins with the message ““ What’s up Fu**ing 40 stinker kill first your old woman. The one that made you a moron, not even with her were you able and she got pissed. And she went and gave you up to the DEA and then you come and fight with me. Do you remember what you did to those who killed your brother? Well, that’s what I’m going to do to you, and the crooked mis-made brother of yours 42 Signed, R1”

Then, the camera shows the heads of two decapitated men, with the heads stationed in-between the legs of the Los Zeta’s member, looking like they were posing with the corpses.  The man from Les Zetas is wearing all black, a mask, and holding a large gun. 

The video ends with a message directed towards Heriberto Lazcano, head of Los Zetas, which said, “Look, fu**ing Lazcano, this is what happens to those who
Come into Reynosa, here’s the people of the guide.  Now I tell you “Pipirijas” give me 40 and 42 or let them appear with a hit to the head and come ask for forgiveness on your knees, because it already has been half of what I told you I was going to take away. We don’t brag about being brave, you are the ones who brag roosters are tested fighting, not speaking.  Signed, The Gulf Cartel.”

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