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NARCO BLOG: Terror in Veracruz, Leaves Several Dead in Stampede from Dance Club

NARCO BLOG: Terror in Veracruz, Leaves Several Dead in Stampede from Dance Club

Photo: Veracruz

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Sunday was a violent night in the port of Veracruz. There were several shootings in a very crowded dance club, it is reported that many people lost their lives and others were injured.

Reports indicate that shortly after 02:00 hours of the Mexican Army realized that a vehicle had crashed into two cabs .The military wanted to check the car when the men ignored their request and began shooting at them. The confrontation turned into a chase that ended up at Fraccionamiento Moderno.

Minutes after the first episode, elements of the Mexican Army rushed to the scene and also were startled by another shootout occurring with members of an organized crime group.
The terror reached the Auditorio Benito Juarez, where a presentation of La Arrolladora Banda Limón was underway; thousands of attendees heard the gunfire and started shouting, following a stampede that broke out in the panic.

Wizards ran, looking out of place as the group of musicians left the scene for fear of an attack, dozens of people were crushed and many others were terrorized by all the violence.

Alicia Cadena was out dancing with her husband Hermenegildo Oyorzabal and their son Joseph Oyorzabal ,14, when the three were injured in the cross fire from the confrontation. They were immediately taken to a hospital, but the parents did not survive

Sources say that four of the Mexican Army were also killed in the clash, although the Ministry of National Defense has no information. In addition, several soldiers were wounded in the shooting.

Dozens of businesses, homes and cars were damaged by the shooting, staff of the MarinaArmada de Mexico were guarded for several hours, while helicopters flew at dawn in the city.

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