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Narco Blog: Teacher Executed in Acapulco

Narco Blog: Teacher Executed in Acapulco

Photo: Murder in Acapulco

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Armed men, driving around Acapulco in a late-model truck opened fire on Professor Juan Gonzalo Gálvez Alvarado, 54. They were in the Quarter Petaquillas Hornitos, in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero.

The teacher was walking up to his house when he was struck by the bullets that took his life. It appears he was executed for no apparent reason. The victim’s family realized what had happened and ran to the body that lay on the street.

On the site, authorities found six shell casings from an AK-47. Employees of the Medical Examiner attempted to remove the body when relatives of the victim did not want him to be taken.  Ultimately the family was convinced that it was a formality and the body was taken to the morgue.

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