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Narco Blog: Six Dead After Fight With Jalisco Police

Narco Blog: Six Dead After Fight With Jalisco Police

Photo: Gunfight with Jalisco Police

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Six dead suspects, confiscation of weapons and vehicles is the preliminary result of a confrontation between elements of the Jalisco state police against alleged members of organized drug cartels in Zacatecas territory in the municipality of Teulada Gonzalez Ortega.

The armed confrontation occurred at 11 am on Wednesday, near and community Huitzila Milpillas Teúl Gonzalez Ortega, ranging between Zacatecas and Jalisco, Jalisco state police were conducting a routine surveillance when they found a group of people carrying guns.

After being ordered to halt to explain the possession of the guns, the criminals refused to be questioned and then responded by firing on the security forces. A chase ensued between the state police and criminal suspects who managed to lose the authorities.

It is presumed that around another 15 (even 20) men fled, escaping into Zacatecas, the state police seized a 50-caliber Barrett rifle at the same time continuing to investigate the whereabouts of criminals, also seeking reinforcements from air and land. Six criminals were killed in the attack.

So far, police and army elements are guarding the area and maintain strong surveillance operations.
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