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Narco Blog; Sinaloa Cartel Ambushes Zetas- 30 Dead in Massacre

Narco Blog; Sinaloa Cartel Ambushes Zetas- 30 Dead in Massacre

Photo: Cartel Massacre

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In a statement issued by the Attorney General of Nayarit, it was reported that the brutal scene in the town of Ruiz was a clash between members of Los Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel. The scene can be best described as an ambush.

A little over half a mile were scattered the bodies of a group of gunmen, some of them from Guatemala, most wearing clothing military style, no doubt an operation planned to perfection. The massacre occurred in broad daylight.

Oscar Herrera, state prosecutor, said, ” Initial investigations show that it was a clash between organized criminal group’s known as the Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel. “

Authorities said that after the slaughter that killed 30 gunmen, they found a camp nearby where members of Los Zetas had been holding 2 young men from the Sinaloa Cartel.

The boys were held for three days as they were interrogated. , ” When we got there, the 12 hostages were together. We were hit a lot, in the body, in the face, sometimes with sticks.” said one of the hostages.

The witness said the gunmen tried to convince some of them join the ranks of Los Zetas, and they offered a payment of 20 thousand pesos a month.

During the afternoon of Wednesday a gunman told the Zetas to “Kill Them” and all the hostages were laying face down and preparing to die.

Before the gunman’s fired they to heard loud explosions, and the ambush was underway. Everyone ran for cover.

Elements of the Federal Police and Mexican army managed to find six of the youths who had been held by Los Zetas, the rest of their whereabouts are unknown. 

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