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NARCO BLOG:  Per WikiLeaks President Felipe Calderon Medical Records in Narcos Hands

NARCO BLOG:  Per WikiLeaks President Felipe Calderon Medical Records in Narcos Hands

Photo: Ambassador Garza with Pres. Felipe Calderon

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The website Wikileaks released a diplomatic cable from the U.S., where it is revealed that the medical records of President Felipe Calderon was given to a group of drug traffickers.

The message sent on January 20, 2009, signed by Anthony Garza, who at the time was the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, reads:  “It was given to a drug cartel by a corrupt member of the first circle of the president.”

The secret cable was sent in connection with the arrest of Arturo Gonzalez Rodriguez, a member of the Presidential security ministry.  The diplomatic text noted: “The arrest is the gravest security violation to date, but it is not surprising considering that senior civil servants have been accused of corruption in the past six month,” assured the then ambassador.

“Gonzales Rodriguez received $100,000 per month from the Beltran Leyva cartel to report on the activities and travel plans of President Calderon.  In the days of his arrest he was also accused of leaking military intelligence and providing military-restricted weapons to the cartels, including the Zetas,” the cable noted.

“The case demonstrates that the Ministry of Defense did not properly investigate and supervise an officer who participated in providing security to the President.  However it states the military is serious about fighting corruption.  Although he was not part of the president’s inner circle, the case also shows the cartels have managed to infiltrate a significant area of the security apparatus of the government of Mexico,” said Garza.